3 detained in College Park break-in

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COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - Orlando police have detained three people in connection to a break-in at a College Park home.

Police said the burglary was reported at a home in the 1000 block of West Smith Street.

The landlord of the home told Local 6 one of the residents who lived in the home called her about the break-in, saying the culprits broke in through a window.

Neighbors in College Park were told to be vigilant, so to hear about the most recent break-in, it's really left them uneasy.

Local 6's Sheli Muniz asked one of the three teenagers taken away in handcuffs, "You just broke into this home?"

"No", he responded.

Orlando Police said three teenagers were busted trying to break into a home off West Smith Street in College Park. Their possible getaway -- a white Chevy Impala, parked right on the driveway.

Jennifer Playdon lives across from the home. She said, "I just saw six police officers, one was talking to a neighbor next door and the other five were on the driveway with the two men detained."

Two of the perps were just 15 years old and the other a 16-year-old. They were arrested after a neighbor called 911 to report weird noises coming from the neighbor's home.

Neighbors said this speaks to the extra efforts being made to protect each other following a string of burglaries.

"Our College Park newspaper warned people to be more vigilant, and to pick up their newspapers if they weren't going to be home," said Playdon.

The residents at the home were inside. The suspects arrested are the most recent accused crooks targeting College Park homes. Earlier this year Orlando Police put away a 22-year-old for a rash of break-ins, one that left a family dog dead.

There was some actual damage to the home, but it's unclear if anything was taken. The two people who live in the home were too shaken up to talk. Police aren't saying if the teens are connected to anymore break-ins in the area.

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