3 kids, 4 adults hurt in Orange County multi-car crash

Crash triggered by dump truck, authorities say

By Michelle Dendy - Web Editor

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Four adults and three children were taken to the hospital on Friday morning after a crash involving seven cars, including a dump truck, according to Orlando police.

[PICS: Truck crashes in vehicles, into woods ]


Authorities said the crash was reported at Conroy Road and Vineland Road just before 9:30 a.m., closing down lanes as the investigation continues.

Orlando police said a large commercial truck was driving eastbound on Conroy Road and went through the Vineland Road intersection, slamming into several vehicles before jumping the barrier and going down the embankment nearby.

Several people were taken to the hospital with varying injuries, police said. They are all in stable condition.

The driver of the truck, who was taken to the hospital, will be questioned as to what happened.

Video from Local 6 news helicopter Sky 6 showed the truck in the woods, a black car mangled, a white van or SUV with significant damage to its side and a white truck with a mangled front end. A sedan also had damage to its bumper. Debris was littered throughout the intersection.

Police said they will be pulling video from the red-light cameras at the intersection to piece together what happened.

No citations were issued, as the investigation is ongoing.

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