3 women sought after wallets stolen from office buildings

Trio used stolen credit cards at Publix, 7-Eleven, cops say

MAITLAND, Fla. - Maitland police are searching for three women they say stole wallets from multiple businesses.

Police said several incidents were reported to police during the month of May where the thieves walked into office buildings, took wallets out of unattended purses and left the business. The stolen credit cards were then used at several stores by three women, including Publix and 7-Eleven, according to police.

Brook Declercq's purse was taken from her office along Lucien Way on May 7, while she and other coworkers were in and out of the office. Apparently, the thieves went in and out of the office as well.

"We have the keypad on the door and we have an alarm so we know that when the door opens, it'll beep. And we start saying hello instead of taking for granted it's someone that we know and trust," she said. "Don't get comfortable because that's when you set yourself up to become a victim and that's exactly what I did."

The building management company's security cameras caught a man and a woman roaming the hallways outside Declercq's office around the time of the theft. There are security cameras all over these buildings, but that did not stop the group of thieves. They walked in and took what they wanted, and women worry that means they have little fear of getting caught.

"You don't really know anybody in the office. It's scary to think it could be anybody," said Melissa Rivard, who works in one of the targeted office buildings and got a notice from the building management company about thefts in this and other buildings and warning to take precautions. "I've been putting my purse inside my desk and tried to keep out doors locked."

The first of the three women seen using the cards was described by police as a black woman with long black hair and bangs, and was spotted on surveillance video wearing a "That's a Fact Jack" shirt with black shorts.

The second was described as a black woman with glasses and wearing a pink and white shirt and aqua pants, according to police.

Police described the third woman as a black female wearing a black cap, red shirt with white patterned sleeves, black shorts and white Adidas shoes.

The trio has used a gold Cadillac Escalade SUV, a dark gray sedan, possibly a Nissan, and an unknown model white sedan, according to police.

Anyone with any further information that could identify the suspects should contact the Maitland Police Department at 407-539-6262.

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