6-year-old girl recovering from poisonous snake bite

Girl bitten by water moccasin last week in Buenaventura Lakes

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - A 6-year-old girl bitten by a water moccasin last week has been released from the intensive care unit and is recovering well at Nemours Children's Hospital, according to her mother.

The poisonous snake bit Kristina Lluesma while she was playing in her backyard with her sister last Saturday at her home in Buenaventura Lakes.

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Dayana Gonzalez, the girl's mother, said Kristina is doing well. At one point the swelling had spread from the bite near her ankle to her stomach, but Gonzalez said the swelling has almost completely subsided.

The girl also no longer has a fever, which kept her in the ICU for most of the week.

"She was scared. She was crying. She said that she wanted to see [the bite] and I said no you don't want to see it. She was traumatized," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said doctors believe her daughter will recover completely after being treated with antivenin. They said it's likely she'll have to spend at least another week in the hospital while doctors care for her leg.

The snake was taken to Reptile World in St. Cloud after it was captured by animal control last week.

Gonzalez told Local 6 after the incident she's even considering moving from her neighborhood dotted with patches of heavy woods.

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