80 dogs rescued from animal shelter in Panhandle

The malnourished animals were standing in filth, according to authorities

NICEVILLE, Fla. - About 80 dogs were removed from a Florida Panhandle shelter, where authorities said the malnourished animals had been standing in filth.

Panhandle Animal Welfare Society Director Dee Thompson said birds, squirrels and one opossum also were taken from Danny's Doghouse in Niceville on Friday.

In a Northwest Florida Daily News report , Thompson said the dogs were shut inside a dark room filled with cobwebs and spiders, where they stood in a "week's worth of feces."

A search warrant was issued after over 20 pets were found dead at a home near Crestview. Authorities said a man at the house said he was moving the Danny's Doghouse shelter to that property.

Thompson said the dogs will be treated for a variety of health problems before they are put up for adoption.

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