$8,000 worth of snakes stolen using hoodies

Florida police investigate pet store theft

BRADENTON, Fla. - Some brazen thieves walked into a Bradenton pet store and left with $8,000 worth of snakes hidden in their hoodies.

Manatee County Sheriff's deputies say they're investigating a theft occurred Monday afternoon at Petland Bradenton. The suspects got away with six snakes, including a 4-foot, red-tailed boa constrictor.

Store owner Stephen Benecke told the Bradenton Herald surveillance video showed one suspect had the hoodie wrapped around his neck with the boa constrictor inside.

Benecke says they didn't initially report the crime because they thought the snakes had escaped their habitat, which didn't have a lock. He says the video shows two men removing latches from the snake habitat while a woman served as a lookout. One man then grabbed the larger snake and wrapped it in the hoodie.

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