911 call released from Disney monorail evacuation

911 caller: 'You're going to have a situation on your hands.'

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Calls to 911 show how confusion and frustration boiled over as temperatures rose inside the disabled Disney monorail Sunday night, leaving passengers to wonder when help would arrive.

People on board that stalled monorail complained they waited without air conditioning for half an hour, and feared someone might faint.

"We're stuck on the monorail gold and I guess we're heading to Epcot," said the female caller. "A half an hour with no air and about 35 people and we don't know what's going on, no one's telling us anything."

The cars broke down Sunday night during a storm. Passengers said they saw a bolt of lightning and then the monorail stopped running -- and so did the air conditioning.

"People are going to start passing out. I'm just giving you all a heads up, you're going to have a situation on your hands," said the caller. "People are starting to panic. They want to open the window."

Below the monorail, crews were seen working to get the cars moving again, but passengers said they were told nothing.

"No one's come, no one's checked on us, no one's asked if we're okay, no one," said the caller. "No one's come from car to car or called or anything."

Disney crews were on scene not long after the power failure and tried several times to get the cars moving but could not. Finally, they were forced to evacuate people on board.

The caller said people in her car included babies, seniors and her three children, who she told to pour water on themselves. Others had nothing to drink, said the caller.

In all, roughly 120 passengers said they waited up to two hours before firefighters used ladders to evacuate everyone on board.

Disney gave those passengers water as soon as they got out of those cars and said nobody was injured.

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