911 call released in Orange County deputy's arrest on DUI charges

Sgt. Kevin Meyer accused of crashing into another car on May 5

By Lisa Bell - Anchor


Local 6 has obtained the 911 call and radio transmissions from the night an Orange County Sheriff sergeant was busted for driving under the influence.

Sgt. Kevin Meyer, 50, is accused of crashing into another car on May 5th along Winter Garden Vineland Road.

Meyer was wearing his uniform and driving his sheriff office vehicle to an off-duty job at Walt Disney World when the crash happened. The 23-year veteran of the sheriff's office is currently on administrative duty at the sheriff's office pending the outcome of the investigation.

Troopers arrested Meyer about two hours after the crash when he refused to take a field sobriety test.

In a newly released radio transmission, Meyer is heard notifying dispatchers about the crash moments after it occurred.

"Uh, copy signal 4, I'm involved," said Meyer. "Have a supervisor advise, he'll um, advise please, right between both Summerport entrances."

Multiple sources have confirmed to Local 6, that the sheriff's office later forced the sergeant to take a breath test. His blood alcohol level registered at .13, which is nearly twice the legal limit of .08.

On the radio transmission, you can hear the sergeant as he inaccurately describes the car he allegedly hit, which was a gold Toyota.

"It's a Kia, it's gray in color," relayed Meyer.

The Orange-Osceola State Attorney's office has also just released the only known 911 call from the scene.

"Hey, um my emergency is not really for me. It's for another person that just got hit by a patrol car," said the unidentified male caller.

Troopers said after seeing news reports about the sergeant's arrest, the 911 caller came forward and alerted investigators to the 911 call that he made shortly after the crash.

According to troopers, Meyer had allowed the witnesses to leave the scene without collecting any of their contact information.

"This cop almost hit me. Let's put it that way. He was taking two lanes and he was going super fast and he hit this other car," said the 911 caller. "He overtook me and then he just hit the other car in front of me and the guy just flew over the other side of the road."

Meyer's DUI trial is scheduled to begin July 1.

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