Accuracy of medical examiner's report on Marlon Brown questioned

Brown struck, killed by DeLand police officer in May 2013

DeLAND, Fla. - Attorneys for the family of Marlon Brown, who was struck and killed by a DeLand police officer, attacked the accuracy of the medical examiner's report at a news conference on Tuesday.


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Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Brown's ex-wife, Krystal, said at the news conference that the medical examiner's report was "inaccurate at best" and at worst was "intentionally deceitful."

"At best, it was inaccurate, and it was done unintentionally,  at worst, it was intentional, and it was some conspiracy to deceive the truth from this family," said Crump.

The funeral director who helped prepare Brown's body for burial said the injuries he saw on the body don't match the medical examiner's report.

"Multiple lacerations to his face, his chest, his body- I saw an indication that his neck, was very loosely-where you could move it- which to me, was there were some contusions, if not a complete break," said James Cusack, the funeral director.

He also said when he was embalming Brown the fluid would not go inside of his body, indicating there was some type of blockage caused by trauma.

The medical examiner's report states there is no evidence that Brown was struck by the patrol car, and "there were no skull fractures, and no fractures to the pelvis or lower extremities."

But Cusack said his 40 years of experience and the bruises on Brown's body leads him to believe Brown was  hit by the patrol car.

Crump also discussed statements made by Deputy John Szabo, who was on scene after Brown was hit and looked under the patrol car.

According to the report, Szabo told investigators "he was I think he was on his stomach and he was just mangled ... his neck was not where it was supposed to be."

Medical Examiner Shiping Bao was let go earlier this month. When Local 6 reached out to the office for comment, County Spokesperson Dave Byron said, "the autopsy speaks for itself."

Last week, the dash camera video from the cruiser of DeLand Police Officer James Harris was released by Brown's family.

Harris was fired in July for breaking DeLand Police Department policy.

Brown was fleeing a Volusia County deputy on May 8 who tried stopping him for a seatbelt violation, then crossed paths with DeLand police, who are not supposed to chase suspects for a minor offense.

Marlon Brown would be 39 years old on Thursday and Krystle Brown said she and her attorneys are preparing to bring all video and evidence to the governor, hoping he'll appoint an independent prosecutor to look at the case.

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