Accused Orlando construction con-woman booked in jail on contempt order

Single mom, former model admitted to running Ponzi scheme

ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman who admitted to a construction con money laundering scheme earlier this month entered a plea of not guilty in federal court Wednesday before being arrested on a county court contempt order which landed her in jail.

Tina Louise Mangiardi, the former President of TLM Design and Construction, Inc., signed a plea agreement March 7 admitting to a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme.

But Wednesday morning, her verbal plea was not guilty to money laundering charges.

Roughly 15 of her alleged victims were at the courthouse to watch as Mangiardi was awarded bond on her federal charges.

Two family members co-signed for Mangiardi's $100,000 bond, which they will have to pay back if she fails to show up for remaining court dates. 

Shortly after her federal court appearance, she was arrested by the Orlando Police department for being in contempt of an Orange county civil court judge's court order.

Mangiardi will have to honor a $25,000 bond for Judge Robert Egan's writ of bodily attachment. The writ asked for Mangiardi to be taken into custody for violating a 2012 civil judgement where she was ordered to pay a victim more than $300,000.

Mangiardi had failed to pay that judgement and dozens of other judgements.

Her attorney claimed she had paid back many initial investments while leaving the federal courthouse.

"Many of of them have already been paid, they just want the extra money," said Buck Blankner.

Federal magistrate David Baker allowed Mangiardi to remain free on her federal charges on the $100,000 bond as long as she agreed to satisfy certain conditions.

She was forced to surrender her passport and will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet to make sure she does not travel outside the Middle District of Florida.

She is also not allowed to have any contact with her victims or engage in any construction bid bond projects. 

Mangiardi's next court date will be determined at a status conference hearing on April 8.

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