Accuser testifies in former Orlando police officer's sex trial

Woman claims Roderick Johnson paid her to have sex while she was under arrest

ORLANDO, Fla. - The woman who says a former Orlando police officer raped her testified on Tuesday in the officer's trial.


Roderick Johnson was arrested in December 2012 after a woman came forward, saying he paid her to have sex with him, while he was on duty and she was under arrest.

"She succumbed to a law enforcement officer, large in size, gun on his badge with the knowledge that she could potentially be charged with more," said prosecutor Ryan Williams.

Johnson's accuser testified on Tuesday as the state's second witness. She said Johnson pulled her over for a broken tail light and arrested her because the vehicle was stolen.

The woman said she bought a bag of marijuana prior to being stopped by Johnson, which she says Johnson seized from her car. The woman also said Johnson paid a gas station employe to buy her a Black and Mild cigar.

"I felt lucky" to be able to smoke in back of patrol car, the woman said in court Tuesday, "I met a good officer."

She said Johnson was flirting with her but she wasn't flirting back.

"When he walked over to me, Officer Johnson unzipped his pants..." she said, swearing that Johnson coerced her into having sex shortly after he arrested her at an Orlando substation in an apartment complex.

"Officer Johnson was basically standing in front of me like I was supposed to make the next move," she said, adding that Johnson took off her handcuffs and forced her to have sex on a desk.

Johnson then gave the woman $40, which was later confiscated when she was booked into jail.

The woman also claimed Johnson got her pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. She also said that she was concerned about STDs after having sex with Johnson.

The 20-year OPD veteran has pleaded not guilty to the charges and denies any wrongdoing.

The defense said the woman, who is a 23-year-old convicted prostitute, had a motive and wanted to get money. The defense said the woman waited five days to tell anyone about the sexual encounter and that the woman made up the story to get her charges dropped to sue OPD.

Johnson's attorney said the two stopped at the police substation so the car theft suspect could use the restroom, but denies anything inappropriate happened there.

Johnson has made headlines before when was suspended in 2009 for slapping a teenager and just before the recent ordeal, he got in trouble for losing a laptop. Last fall, a Local 6 investigation caught Johnson speeding in his patrol car going more than 90 mph.

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