Affordable Care Act schemes reported online

The Federal Trade Commission has warned the public about callers who claim to be able to help you get signed up for the Affordable Care Act if you give them personal information to get started.

Experts say the problems and the confusion that have been reported with the government's website lends itself to scam artists.

"The confusion helps the scammer build whatever scenario they want to build," said Laura Lang with the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Lang has taught seniors how to avoid being scammed for years. She says criminals come out of the woodwork whenever there's something that captures the public's attention.

Lang says the scams being used for "Obamacare" have been used before and anytime someone asks for personal information it should be a red flag.

"They may ask about bank accounts," she said. "They may ask about your social security number you know they want that personal information so they can steal your identity."

The best place to get information about the Affordable Care Act is

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