Alan Grayson: Not just America's job to deal with terrorists

Florida congressman wants Middle East nations to step up, does not want another war

U.S. Rep.  Alan Grayson, D-Florida, wants to know if Iraq's neighboring countries are willing to commit their own soldiers to defeat the Islamic State Group known as ISIS.

Grayson sent letters to the ambassadors of 10 nations asking if they would commit five thousand or more of their own soldiers to form a multilateral force to fight the Islamic State group.

Grayson says he wants the people; who killed two U.S. citizens to pay.

"They killed two of our people we will have to kill some of theirs," he said.

But he says he is concerned about the expense and the loss of lives that come with a long-term commitment, by the U.S military.  He says he doesn't want another war.

"I think most Americans reject the idea that we are the worlds police officer and they understand that regional problems should have regional solutions, that's why I did in fact reach out to the ambassadors," he told Local 6 in a telephone interview.

Grayson's Republican opponent in the upcoming general election, Carol Platt, says the US military should be more involved in fighting ISIS.

"There has got to be an immediate direct response. There has to be more involvement by the U.S. military, by U.S. intelligence," Platt said.

Grayson says he asked all 10 ambassadors to respond by Sept. 10.

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