Alert: Law enforcement badges stolen

Badges stolen from Florida Fish and Wildlife officer's home

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Clermont police have issued a statewide alert after three law enforcement badges were stolen from a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer's home.

Police are worried whoever stole the badges could be posing as a real officer.

According to a Clermont Police report, the badges were stolen between 10:15 a.m. and noon on Friday, April 19th from the officer's home on Rob Roy Drive.

Police are investigating to see if the home was targeted.

There were several other items in the home including small electronics, firearms and FWC uniforms that were not stolen.

"It's very scary for all of us," said Jennifer Hawkins, who lives down the street from the break-in, "Most of us are trustworthy enough individuals that we probably would let someone with a badge come into our homes."

"I would probably believe it, I have no reason not to," said neighbor Sherry Cuenca.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers have full police powers and statewide jurisdiction. They are armed any can arrest anyone for any crime.

The badge has a gold star inside a silver circle with the words "law enforcement" and "Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission." It can be worn on a uniform or flashed in a wallet.

"That's pretty upsetting to learn that because now you don't know who you can or cannot trust," said Cuenca.

"It very much puts me on edge and we're going to be a lot more vigilant," said Hawkins.

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