Allegations of drinking moonshine on job spark firefighters' suspension

Flagler County city manager orders investigation of firefighters after claims

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - The Flagler County city manager has suspended four firefighters with pay, including the chief of the department, after claims surfaced that they drank alcohol while on the job.

According to public records obtained by Local 6 on Wednesday, one of the incidents under investigation happened on Dec. 14, 2012, during the firefighters' holiday party.

"just the fact that something like this has come up is troubling and a concern to any city manager," said City Manager Bruce Campbell.

The documents state that Chief Martin Roberts admitted he and Captain Steve Wood drank apple pie moonshine and then responded to a house fire.

Witnesses said Wood also drank beer then drove the tower truck, which seats five people and has a 95-foot aerial platform, to the fire.

According to emails sent to the city manager, there was another alleged incident on Christmas Day. Firefighters reportedly witnessed Assistant Chief Shane Wood, who is the son of the captain, and Jacob Bissonnette both drinking apple pie moonshine at the station in their uniforms.

"It's serious, it's definitely serious," said City Commissioner Jane Mealy. "I think they should be let go if it's true."

Flagler Beach citizens tell Local 6 they can't believe the firefighters would drink on the job.

"If you have to help people you cannot drink at work," said Irene Divonka.

Steve Wood, Shane Wood, Roberts and Bissonnette are suspended with pay pending the outcome of an investigation. It's not clear when the investigation will be completed.

Campbell says in the meantime, the city will be using volunteer firefighters to fill their positions temporarily.

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