Alligator with mouth zip-tied found on Volusia County beach

Gator's jaw shut tight with black zip tie, police say

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - For the second time in two weeks, authorities have found a small alligator on a Volusia County beach.

The young reptile was spotted Tuesday morning, according to Volusia County Beach Patrol.

Volusia County Beach Patrol said the gator already had its mouth shut with the black ziptie wrapped around its jaws. The tie was then cut off and a black lace that gator trapper use that doesn't harm the gator was used to make sure it wasn't able to bite anyone.

It's unclear who tied the alligator.

Two weeks ago, volunteers with the local turtle patrol corralled another alligator into a pet carrier after watching it scramble up the handicap ramp of a beachside condo.

Authorities say such incidents are rare, adding that rough seas and unusually high tides could have swept at least one of the gators into the ocean from the river.

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