An inside look into the world of Blue Man Group

Performers require specific training, costumes

By Carolina Cardona - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - The Blue Man Group has been a staple in Central Florida since 2007. 

The group, created in the late '80s, has been captivating audiences in cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Boston and even in Berlin, Germany. 

News 6 reporter Carolina Cardona got a behind-the-scenes look into the world of this iconic group. Colin Hurd got his big break 20 years ago.  

"It's a dream come true. I mean, without sounding cheesy, it really is. Every day I get to do a show," Hurd said.

He said the bald cap used for his performances can be sticky and the performers have to use a special type of glue so it stays on.

"Once it's all on really good, then is the fun part. This is the Blue Man Group cobalt blue custom grease paint," he said.

The group's outfit is distinctive even if it's not so fashionable. They wear black long sleeve shirts, black pants and black industrial boots.

"He doesn't really have a lot of choices, the blue man character, for what he wants. Black is very slimming, this is what we use," Hurd said.

Blue Man Group is known for combining paint, color, lights and music to create unique spectacles -- all without saying a word.

At their stage at Universal's City Walk, they use custom-made instruments. Some of the are made with PVC pipes.

"It's a lot of drumming. We have so many weird, crazy instruments," he said.

It's traditional drumming taken to the next level. 

So what does it take to become a blue man? The organization currently has a web series: "Becoming Blue," posted on its social media.

"It follows a group of actors trying to be blue man and it's really all access," Hurd said. "You'll see these guys just go through the ringer. Learning the drums, learning how to throw and catch marshmellows in their mouth, you'll see them do a bunch of theater exercises. It's all just to loosen up their instruments, their emotions."

You can catch Blue Man group perform nightly at City Walk. Their web series Becoming Blue, airs Thursdays on their Facebook and YouTube pages.

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