Anthony defense questions Roy Kronk

Anthony's attorneys suggest Kronk may have kidnapped, killed toddler

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Casey Anthony's attorneys on Friday questioned Roy Kronk, the former meter reader who found Caylee Anthony's body.

Local 6 has learned of another discovery that Kronk made years earlier in Tennessee that could impact the Anthony case.

Anthony's defense team has suggested that Kronk may have kidnapped and killed Anthony's daughter, Caylee. Anthony is charged with first-degree murder in Caylee's death.

Local 6 has obtained a police report from Tennessee that sources said may be used by the Anthony's defense team to attack Kronk's credibility.

During Friday's depositions, Casey Anthony's attorneys will likely question the former meter reader about the rainy day in 2008 when he found Caylee's body.

The defense is also likely to question him about the day four months earlier when he repeatedly called authorities to the same area to report a suspicious item he found there. A deputy showed up, but was unable to find anything unusual.

Now, Local 6 has learned that 11 years earlier Kronk called authorities to another wooded area in Tennessee, but that once again officers who responded to that scene were unable to find what Kronk had been describing.

According to a 1997 report from Kingsport, Tenn., Kronk told investigators they would find several stolen guns and other stolen items in a wooded field. But when officers searched the field, they were unable to find any of the items Kronk was talking about.

According to sources, Casey Anthony?s defense team found it odd that Kronk would call police twice to two different wooded areas where nothing was found.

Sources said the defense team may use the Tennessee police report to challenge Kronk's credibility and raise reasonable doubt.

Anthony's lawyers have already suggested that Kronk may have been responsible for the toddler's disappearance, even though police and prosecutors have not turned up any evidence of that.

Local 6 called Kronk's attorney for a response to allegations against him. He said there is no need for a response, calling this, "One of the many sideshows in this case.:"

Kronk's attorney also said his client has nothing to hide and points out that he is not the one on trial.

Anthony has pleaded not guilty. Her trial is scheduled to begin in May 2011.

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