Apopka defeats Dr. Phillips in clash of the titans

Apopka advances to 8A state championship

APOPKA, Fla. - Tonight we feature what high school football in general is all about. The whole enchilada, the meat of the pie, the sultan of swat....ok, I will stop.

It is that time of year where the motto is one and done for the losers.

This is the semi-finals baby and that means each play means something. Each yard fought for means something, each block, each tackle all could make the difference between winning and losing.

Tonight's match-up pitted Dr. Phillips who are 13-0 traveling across town to take on rivals Apopka at Roger Williams Field.

Apopka has the hottest offense in central Florida coming into tonight while Dr. Phillips stymies teams on the defensive side of the ball with players the likes of Kenderson Obas and Matt Milano. 

The winner of this game will play next Saturday in the Class 8A state championship.

Dr. Phillips won the regular season match-up between these two in week one 35-17.

Alright, alright, enough of the meanderings, let get to the game.

Roger Williams Field was packed to the brim tonight, it was literally standing room only.

It was such a great sight to see.

Apopka jumped out in front 14-0 early thanks in large part to the arm of QB Zack Darlington who threw not one, but 3 touchdown passes in this game.

Two of which came in the 1st half and were in non-passing downs. 

Apopka would lead 14-6 heading into the break.

Both teams would battle back and forth not giving an inch until "the play" that changed the whole entire outcome of the game happened a little before the end of the third quarter.

Let me run you through this play in my best radio voice.

Apopka leads 17-13, QB Zack Darlington comes under center, takes the snap, pump fakes looks right, looks left and finds tight-end Trey Hendrickson with a short dump-off pass. Big deal right?

Oh, but it is!

What Hendrickson did with the ball which is why this play will be remembered in Apopka history should be a Sports Center top play nominee.

Hendrickson breaks a tackle, breaks another, runs thru the sugar mill, breaks down some walls and reaches the end zone for the TOUCHDOWN!

It was a catch and run you have to see to believe. Check out the video highlights!

Apopka would go on to win easily 38-19 and now face Cypress Creek in the Class 8A state championship next weekend at the Citrus Bowl.

This will be Apopka's first appearance back into a state championship since they were crowned 6A champions back in 2001.

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