Attractions Expo hosted at Orange County Convention Center

New technology, social media trending at expo

ORLANDO, Fla. - Hundreds of amusement park companies are in Orlando showing off new rides and technology at the International Attractions and Amusements Park Association convention.

The expo, which is being held at the Orange County Convention Center, was hosted first in Germany two weeks ago. The expo is expected to have rollercoaster rides, double decker merry-go-rounds, magic carpet rides and virtual reality rides in outer space.

"Orlando is critical to every one of us," said Jason Mons, of S and S Worldwide, which is developing the El Loco model rollercoaster with the steepest drop of any coaster.

"We can adapt sound into the ride we can adopt lighting packages in the ride," Mons said when asked about technology. "So it's great from a maintenance perspective."

Social technology is another big theme of the convention, as theme parks work toward more interaction with guests.

"So it could be that the photography that is taken on the ride can be uploaded very quickly to someone's social media outlet," Mons said.

Another new trend in theme parks, especially water parks, are investments into mobile inflatable rides.

"Because they have already filled their parks up with giant slides so they are looking for smaller items they can use to fill up their parks and increase revenues," said Vernon Vernaza of the Interactive Game warehouse.

A new zip line will also be on display called "Fly Wire," which is as long as a football field and flies at about 21 miles per hour.

The expo runs Monday through Friday, but it is not open to the public.

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