Autopsy of Florida woman shows point-blank gunshots

Medical examiner's report reveals repeated shots at wife

MIAMI, Fla. - A medical examiner's report obtained by The Miami Herald reveals that a South Florida man may have repeatedly shot his wife at point blank range before posting pictures of her body on Facebook.

The Herald reported Friday that prosecutors may use the medical evidence to contest self-defense claims by Derek Medina, who's accused of killing 27-year-old Jennifer Alfonso in their Miami townhome Aug. 8.

The autopsy notes Alfonso suffered wounds to her left forearm, indicating that she tried to shield herself. Medical examiners recovered seven bullets and two bullet fragments from her body.

In an arrest, Medina told police he shot her in self-defense after she started "punching him."

His attorneys told The Herald much of the evidence will be fleshed out at a bond hearing Tuesday in Miami.

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