Bar owner spikes co-worker's drink with substance, Longwood police say

Police say surveillance video shows bar owner dropping something into female worker's drink

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

LONGWOOD, Fla. - A Longwood bar owner was arrested after he spiked a co-workers drink, making her so sick she went to the hospital, according to police.

New video released shows the bar owner, 48-year-old Jeffrey Roberson and 27-year-old Jenna Silvestro cleaning up and taking shots that he made.

A closer look of the video reveals that Roberson takes something out of his pocket and police say drops it in her drink. Silvestro continues to clean the bar area, Roberson makes another drink, the video shows.

From midnight to around 2 a.m., Silvestro takes about 5 shots with her boss, according to a Longwood Police report.

Around 2 a.m., the bartender told police she began to feel weird, claims her arms began to tingle, heart pound, and jaw clinch.

She texted her boyfriend "I think my boss drugged me." The report says her boyfriend took her to the hospital where she tested positive for amphetamines.

Police tell Local 6 that Silvestro told them she noticed some black dots in the cup, thought maybe it was ash or dust. She also noticed the shots tasted weird and smelled strong.

Longwood police say it turns out Silvestro had quit Shovelhead before because Roberson would hit on her, but then she came back.

Local 6 spoke to Roberson's attorney, Scott Richardson. Richardson said he has not seen the video yet but calls the claims counter-intuitive. He says his client is a former Marine and a business owner. He plans to plead not guilty.

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