Bargain vs. bells and whistles: Moms test premium products

Local 6 compares premium products against basic brand

By Eryka Washington - Investigative Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Bargain versus bells and whistles, Local 6 is comparing the premium products against the basic brand with two moms as the testers.

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Retailers are betting consumers will dish out a little more for the pricier version.

Local 6 compared Bounty regular paper towels vs the Bounty Duratowel, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser original vs. Extra Power, Cascade vs. Platinum Cascade dish detergent and Tide Pods vs. Tide liquid detergent.

"The Duratowel was awesome, it was a lot thicker and definitely softer and felt more absorbent and when you use it, it really was," said Renee Watts.

Keep in mind, Duratowel is a smaller roll and does cost roughly 20 percent more per sheet but Watts tells Local 6 she thinks it is worth it.

Sherene Lewis did a side by side comparison of the Magic Eraser.

"This one definitely feels stronger it got it clean faster and i feel like i could use it longer," Lewis said.

Lewis says between the two there is no comparison.

"The regular brand the problem with it is it breaks down very quickly. Once you put some pressure on it, it starts to break apart in your hands," she said.

When it comes to the Platinum Cascade, Watts said, "I would have bought the platinum one, I like the packaging and I like the fact that it is smaller and takes up less space."

So which one is better?

Watts said she prefers platinum.

"I washed a couple things where typically I might have water spots it wouldn't be sparkly or it wouldn't shied off as much and it looked much better," Watts said.

Even dried dough in a bowl came out, sparkling clean. Keep in mind there are less pods in the platinum package so you will pay 12 percent more per wash.

So how did the pods compare to the liquid?

"I still would probably use liquid Tide more because I do a lot of spot cleaning I have a 7-year-old and he gets a lot of hard stains on his clothes and I do like to pre-treat them with the liquid Tide," Lewis said. "And pods are a bit pricey-they cost more and you get fewer estimated loads."

So does the "top of the line, luxury and pretty packaging" make a difference? Both of our mom testers say yes and that's just what retailers want.

Lewis says, "All those things are eye candy for me that would make me want to purchase it."

While both Lewis and Watts say they do love a bargain they equally appreciate reliability.

"A lot of times when you get something that's cheap it doesn't work and you wind up using twice as much of it anyway so I buy the same brands all the time," Watts said.

Procter and Gamble company is also pushing the "luxury products" when it comes to mouthwash, personal items and dish wash soap, however, they have no plans of getting rid of the regular or original versions but are giving consumers an option to upgrade.

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