Baskin Robbins offers ice cream nachos

'Waffle Chip Dippers' features soft-serve ice cream in new way

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Baskin Robbins is adding a unique new dish to its menu--nachos.

With the "Waffle Chip Dippers," ice cream lovers can enjoy soft serve ice cream with waffle and brownie chips, topped with chocolate syrup, M&M's and Snickers pieces, all accompanied with six hand-cut, triangle-shaped waffle and brownie chip pieces that are ready for dipping.

Waffle Chip Dippers are available through the end of September for $2.99.

"From our fanciful ice cream Cake Bites to our wide range of custom ice cream cakes, we're always working to create delicious and imaginative frozen desserts to delight our guests," said Stan Frankenthaler, Baskin-Robbins Executive Chef and Vice President of Innovation at Dunkin' Brands in a release. "With Waffle Chip Dippers, we've now taken a popular treat – vanilla Soft Serve – and re-imagined it in a way that's unique and really fun to eat."

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