Bear caught on camera stalking couple

Surveillance video shows bear following pair to car

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer

PASADENA, Calif. - Surveillance cameras outside a home in Southern California captured the seconds after a couple walked out a front door where a bear was just feet away.

The thing is, they had no idea the bear was there, nor following them from behind.

In fact, it wasn't until the man opened the car door for his wife that he noticed the bear sniffing by his leg.

The video shows the man frantically running back inside the home while his wife was already safely in the car.

"You don't know how scared you are, you just see a bear," Bob McKeown said about his close encounter, "I've never encountered a bear."

McKeon was treated with antibiotics after the bear nicked his right calf with a swipe of the paw.

Bear scares in Pasadena have kept wildlife officials busy lately. Another incident caught on camera in the same city shows a bear digging in trash and even trying to hop in a reporter's news truck.

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