Being Broughton: Favorite celebrity mugshots

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By Julie Broughton - Anchor
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If you've read any of my past Being Broughton posts, you've probably figured out that I have a bit of a celebrity fascination.  Because I know I can trust you, I've admitted that sometimes I wear Tori Spellings old clothes, and that I did a happy dance when the very charming Blue Wiggle retweeted me on Twitter. Hey, I'm the mom of a toddler, that's a big deal in my world.

But my favorite celebrity, trumping all others, is Reese Witherspoon. It even says so in my Click Orlando bio, so you know it's true. I even went as Reese for Halloween 2012. "Reese Witherspoon Hit by a Car While Jogging," to be more specific. It's easy. Just wear work out clothes, carry an Oscar and make your eye black. You're welcome.

Sometimes I like to think of Reese and me as a team. She of course, is the glamorous A-list actress with access to the world's top stylists. I'm the regular-working-mom yin to her yang. So that's why I like to let her try out different hairstyles and then steal them if they work for us. It's really been the perfect set up since Sweet Home Alabama came out in 2002. Kind of off topic, but is it just me, or do you wish she had picked Patrick Dempsey's character in that movie?   

Anyway, I have to admit, I expected a little more from her mug shot.

By now I'm sure you know the deal.  Reese was arrested for disorderly conduct last weekend after Atlanta police pulled over her husband for  DUI.  She's since said she is "deeply embarrassed" by her behavior.

But let's get back to the mug shot.  According to an article on, police officials said Reese was a little "wobbly" and it was difficult to get a good shot.

Based on Reese's apology, I seriously doubt she will have the opportunity for a do-over.  But just in case she does, maybe she can get a few tips from these, my five fave celebrity mug shots:

5. Matt Roloff of Little People Big World (23 from slideshow)-Very nice relaxed smile. It could almost pass as a work ID .

4.  Joyce Dewitt (number 11)-Frightening.  Like, really frightening. But I give her points for attempting to smile.

3.  Vince Neil from Motley Crew (number 8)-I enjoy his pleasant facial expression and wonder if his bangs are freshly flat-ironed.

2.  Heather Locklear-Ok, her eyeliner is smudged and she looks slightly horrified, but really, is there a 50-year-old woman on Earth who is more beautiful?

1. Lindsay Lohan-2010 (number 7 from slideshow)-Notice the freshly plumped lips and subtle highlighter in the corners of her eyes.  I guess she should be number one, she's had the most practice.

Check out our slideshow of celebrity mug shots and let me know which one you like best!

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