Being Broughton: Is it hot enough for you?

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By Julie Broughton - Anchor
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ORLANDO, Fla. - If you think it's hotter than normal lately, you're right--kind of.

While afternoon highs have been running two-to three degrees warmer than the normal of high 92 this week, this month's lack of wide-spread afternoon thunderstorms means it's staying hotter later in the day.

During the month of July, our rainfall totals were about an inch to an inch and a half higher than normal.  That means the average temperature at 5 p.m. was 82 degrees.

By comparison, August has been quite dry. At the Orlando International airport, rain totals are coming in at a quarter inch below normal, resulting in a higher average 5 p.m. temperature of 87 degrees.

Afternoon thunderstorms help bring the temperature down by tapping into the cooler air aloft and bringing it to the surface.  Rain chances around 40 percent  are considered normal this time of year and return to that range Thursday.

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