Being Broughton: Why flying with a toddler is like traveling with a small drunk person

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By Julie Broughton - Anchor
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I'm back from my little jaunt to see my family in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Before I left for my trip, my trainer, Patrick, sent me this text:

"I have a book you should take with you and read on the plane."

Let's pause for a moment, so those of you with children can giggle with me. Let's say it again, just because it's funny: "Read on the plane."  On more time, just for fun? Ok! "Read on the plane."

The last time I read on a plane was July 2009.  That's also the last time I flew without my sidekick.  Well, she was there, but was happily tucked away in my uterus, so that made things easier.  Much easier.

Flying with a toddler is an ever-evolving art, and the busier and more independent my Mini Me becomes, the more critical it is that my Tory Burch bag becomes the clown car of purses, producing one game or toy after another, sure to entertain for about one minutes and 47 seconds.

I'm happy to report we survived not one, but two flight delays on our return trip.

Because of that very long day, I present the Top Five Ways Flying with a Toddler is Like Traveling with a Small Drunk Person:

1.  Nasty airport carpet is no deterrent from collapsing in a pile of butterfly rhinestones.

2. "Excuse me, airport man, this is my mommy. She is afraid of mattresses."

3. "I don't want to wear pants on the plane."

4. After dozing for a few minutes, looks out window and shrieks, "We're in the clouds!  How did we get in the clouds?"

And finally….

5. Barf bag art

I think I need a vacation from my vacation. See you back on the weekend morning news!

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