Big Banana Car prepares for a trip around the world

Car a part of Planet Smoothie campaign

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

If you've noticed a big banana cruising the streets of Central Florida, you're not crazy. It's all a part of advertising campaign by Planet Smoothie.

The Big Banana Car actually started as a Ford F150 and became the brainchild of Steve Braithwaite. He said he wanted to do "something ridiculous."

"I said we're going to build a huge motorized banana and drive it around the world." And instantly he said "I'm in."

Braithwaite says it took him two years of working on Sundays to turn a pick up truck into a giant piece of fruit that seats four. He started by stripping the steel and metal off the vehicle.

"Build the skeleton shape of a banana out of rebar, cover it with chicken wire, spray it with urethane and shape it into a nice banana shape and fiberglass over the top." Seems easy enough.

Braithwaite says driving the big banana is delicate balance of driving, waving and smiling. And he has very specific criteria for who else is allowed behind the wheel.

"My rule has become that I have to be three days dead before I let anyone else drive my banana car," he said.

Braithwaite hopes to take the banana on a trip around the world. He tells Local 6 if all works out as planned, he should be able to leave in May. Follow along at

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