Biketoberfest kicks off in Daytona Beach

Big business boost this weekend

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Biketoberfest is officially underway and it means big business for the local economy.

[PHOTOS:  Biketoberfest kicks off in Daytona Beach]

Visitors like Kelly and James Davis travel into Daytona Beach expecting to spend hundreds of dollars in one weekend alone.

"Anywhere from four to $400 to $500," said Davis. "You're going to spend some money."

While they shell out cash, April Schehr picks up part-time work handing out flyers for a bikini car wash.

"Probably around a thousand dollars or more," said Schehr, who finds temporary work during Biketoberfest every year.

Local businesses have a good outlook for this year.

"It's a good opening. It's a good start. We've got a lot of people coming through. We'll take what we can get," said Zach Shaw, whose shop, Biker's Pride, is based in Daytona Beach but only opens for Bike Week and Biketoberfest.

Over the past seven years, Shaw thinks business is finally coming back.

"People are coming back. The economy's picking up so there's more people coming out. So we're taking full advantage," said Shaw.

Reports estimate 150,000 people visitors will pump in $250 million to the area over the weekend.

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