Blind dog, seeing-eye dog searching for homes

Pair rescued by non-profit group in California

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. - Animal rescuers in California are trying to find a home for two very special abandoned dogs.

A Husky named Isaac is blind and has a seeing-eye dog, a female Terrier mix named Isabelle.

"They tend to want to walk together and stay close to each other all the time," said Fred Kaplan, who works with the non-profit group that rescued the pair.  "If anyone makes too quick of movement... she will step out in front and bark."

Rescuers say they were found as strays roaming the streets of San Bernardino.

The two were taken to an animal shelter where they were going to be put down, but a non-profit group stepped in and rescued them.

Isaac suffers from glaucoma and the shelter hopes to raise money for treatment before they find a good home.

"These two are a great example of why animals are so special and why they have feelings," Kaplan said.

Kaplan said the two will be adopted together.

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