Body cam video released from officer who was shot during Orlando hostage situation

Officer Kevin Valencia remains in a coma

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter, Adrienne Cutway - Web Editor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Body camera video released Tuesday shows an Orlando police officer before he was shot in the head while responding to a domestic violence incident that turned into a nearly daylong hostage situation in June.

Video from Officer Kevin Valencia shows him knocking on a door at Westbrook Apartments, where suspect Gary Lindsey was inside with four children following a report of domestic violence. Much of the video released by the Orlando Police Department is redacted, including the moment when authorities said Lindsey shot Valencia through the door.

Police said it's likely that Lindsey shot the four children -- Irayan Pluth, 12, Lillia Pluth, 10, Aidan Lindsey, 6, and Dove Lindsey, 1 -- around the same time that Valencia was shot, which happened about 1:07 a.m. June 11.

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What the video does show is the massive police response after the shooting, officers speaking with Lindsey's girlfriend after the initial domestic violence incident and measures authorities took to lock down and evacuate part of the apartment complex.

One officer who was outside the building where the shooting took place orders another officer to pull a vehicle up to the entrance so Valencia can be transported.

"Alex, get the car up," the officer yells.

Over the radio, officers are advised to keep residents inside and out of the hallway, where officers were surrounding Unit 127.

Video from officers outside the unit where Lindsey was barricaded are seen holding rifles and shields as they continue to try to get him to surrender.

"There are a possibility of four kids in the residence, according to the mom -- yes, according to the victim," an officer says at 1:18 a.m.

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Officers discuss the floor plan of the unit, but authorities said it wasn't until about 9 p.m. that SWAT officers entered the apartment. By that point, all four children had been fatally shot while they slept and Lindsey had turned the gun on himself.

Video released Tuesday did not show officers breaching or entering the apartment.

Mother Ciara Lopez is seen in her interview with Orlando police detectives the day after the standoff ended.

She told investigators she called police after Lindsey attacked her inside the apartment.

"He got up and he was angry," she told them. "He grabbed me by the hand and dragged me into the room and threw me up on the bed (and) kicked me in the face. I was a little dizzy and I didn’t know it was happening after that."

She told them she heard the shots that injured Officer Valencia.

"I was imagining that (the children) were now in a corner, holding themselves and scared," she said.  "I was hoping that Gary had killed himself because I know that he would’ve wanted to do that."

Valencia's wife said he remains in a coma and is receiving treatment at a brain and spinal cord rehabilitation center in Georgia. He has undergone close to a half dozen surgeries and his road to recovery is far from over.

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