Bodycams show takedown after Orlando police shooting

Brittany Chandler, Jocelyn Villot arrested on May 7

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

ORLANDO - New documents and body-worn camera video reveal new details in a shooting involving two Orlando police officers in Colonial Plaza.

The shooting happened on May 7 in front of the Marshall's department store

Orlando police officers said they were trying to apprehend two suspected shoplifters who got inside a van being driven by Juan Alberto Silva.

When police officers approached with guns drawn, they said Silva ignored their commands and drove away, nearly pinning one of them between two cars.

The officers, hitting Silva, who was found dead several blocks away.

Body-worn camera video obtained by News 6 shows the apprehension of the two suspected shoplifters, Jocelyn Villot and Brittany Chandler.

Chandler was discovered sitting under a picnic shelter in Langford Park.

She can be heard on video telling officers she didn't know where her friend ran to because they divided up while running.

Minutes later, body worn camera video shows Villot lying on the ground being handcuffed when officers find a knife hidden in her bra.

Both women were arrested and charged with theft.

According to statements obtained by News 6, Chandler told Orlando police investigators that she met Silva on a dating website, and she said they had been hanging out for about a month.

When investigators asked her why Silva wouldn't obey their commands, she said she didn't know. She said nothing was being discussed inside the car.

"Once we got in the car, they said, 'Freeze! Don’t move, put your hands up,'" she told investigators. "His hands were already up, but he kept fidgeting. He kept going back and forth between—getting ready to pull the knob, the thing, down. I really didn’t think he was going to and he did."

Chandler and Villot both told investigators they did not try to save Silva's life when the van stopped.

They said they knew he was dead, and they decided to make a run for it.

Silva's wife and his children live in Texas

She told News 6 he was working construction in the Orlando area and sending money back to help support his family.

Villot and Chandler are both in the Orange County Jail waiting to go to trial.

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