Both sides rest in trial for Ocala man accused of killing teen

Michael Bargo charged in death of Seath Jackson

OCALA, Fla. - Both the state and the defense have rested in the trial for the man accused of firing the shots that killed 15-year-old Seath Jackson in Marion County in 2011.

21-year-old Michael Bargo is accused of killing and along with four others, beat, burned and dismembered Seath in April 2011.

More state witnesses testified against Bargo, the accused ringleader charged with killing Seath, dismembering him and burning his remains. Friends said the feud between Bargo and Seath had gone on for weeks.

Crystal Anderson's graphic testimony said Bargo confessed to her that he killed someone.

"And I asked him what he had done, and he told me that he had killed somebody," she said.

Anderson said that Bargo said he killed a man who raped his sister and told her about it in vivid detail.

"Placed him in the bathtub and had beaten him some more and shot him twice in the face," Anderson said. "And then he had said that the body didn't burn all the way that his skull still remained and he took pliers and pulled his teeth out one by one."

The defense rested without calling any witnesses. Court is in recess until Monday, when closing arguments will begin.

Bargo is the last for five suspects to go on trial for Seath's death and is the only one facing the death penalty. Prosecutors said the five people lured Seath to a Marion County home before beating him, shooting him, burning his body and placed the ashes in five gallon buckets before dumping them in a rockpit.

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