Boy Scouts to allow gay scouts

Parents react to decision

Its was historic moment for the Boy Scouts of America as they ended their ban on openly gay members Thursday.

Its a monumental decision, opponents had said, that could lead parents to pull their kids out of the scouts.

Local 6 spoke to Central Florida parents for their reactions.

Conny Ripper has a son who is a scout in Cocoa.

"I have no problems with it whatsoever," says Ripper. "I think its a step in the right direction." Her son Mason agrees. A good person is going to be a good person. It doesn't change anything."

More than 1400 votes is what it took to reverse the ban after months of intense debate and a steady stream of interest groups weighing in. But not everyone agrees.

John Stemberger runs made of scouting leaders and parents who say the decision will quickly backfire.

"This will devastate the boy scouts legally, financially and socially," said Stemberger. "An estimated 200,000 will leave the program."

Michael Slaymaker with The Orlando Youth Alliance said the vote is a step in the right direction, but isn't pleased that gay adult scout leaders still are banned.

70% of troops are run by religious groups so its unclear how that will impact the organization's decision. It will take effect at the beginning at 2014.

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