Brazen burglars strike while couple is home

Man, woman break into Palm Coast house

PALM COAST, Fla. - Flagler County Sheriff's detectives are asking the public's help in identifying the burglars who broke into a Palm Coast home.

Thomas Kane, 71, said his wife Rita was in the pool, and he was taking a nap in the master bedroom of his home on Covington Lane in Palm Coast. Rita told deputies she entered her guest bathroom to change clothes and noticed the bottom part of the window was open.

She thought her husband might have been cleaning, but then noticed a door to a third bedroom that is normally open was closed. When she went to open it and found it was locked, she alerted her husband. Kane kicked open the locked bedroom but found no one inside, the blinds swinging in the window and the screen pushed out.

WATCH: Video surveillance

"What if she would have walked into the guy, she could have easily walked right into him into this hallway- what would he have done," Thomas said. "He literally slid the window open and jumped through the screen."

The couple checked for property stolen and noticed a black box that contained checkbooks, two watches, cash and keys to a vehicle was missing from the kitchen counter.

The burglars probably didn't know they were being filmed. Kane has six surveillance cameras around his house, and the video shows a Ford Expedition arrive and park in front of the house around 3:15 pm. A white female with dark hair tied in a pony tail and wearing a brown tank top and blue jeans approaches the front door, where she remains for a short time before returning to the truck. A thin, white male with short dark hair appears from the driver side of the truck and walks to the right side of the house. The male wearing a "Famous" shirt, jean type shorts and black sneakers, also had gloves on and was carrying a pry tool in his hand.

The man entered through the bathroom window and exited about four minutes later, carrying a black box and quickly made his way back onto Covington Lane.

Kane says he's grateful he and his wife are okay, and the burglar was out of the house before he had to use his gun.

Anyone who has information on this incident or who can identify the man or the vehicle in this video is asked to contact Crimestoppers at 888-277-TIPS.