Break-ins frighten neighborhood

4 College Park homes burglarized Tuesday

COLLEGE PARK, Fla. - Police are on the lookout in the College Park area after a new round of break-ins that's shaking up a lot of homeowners.

Four burglaries happened Tuesday in the area, just miles apart.

Megan Dennis was one of the victims and she tells Local 6 she's not taking any chances, she's taking action.

"I don't know why these people feel like they can come into your safe place, your safe haven, where your home and its violate it."

In just three minutes burglars were able to break in, while she was at the gym. She was alerted to the break-in on her phone.

"You just want to put a siren on top of your car and act like a policeman and get to your house as soon as you can," says Dennis.

Police believe the burglars watched her and waited for the right time to strike. They hopped the front gate and went around back to try and disable her security system. Then they went to the side of the house to get in.

"Down here they cut all the wires," said Dennis. "They just came through the side of the house and pushed the air conditioner right through and came in and had their field day."

The security alarm did go off but burglars got away with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, but there were three other victims nearby Tuesday.

Gwen Kowalski lives near a home that was robbed on Sheridan Boulevard.

"It does kind of scare me, though I didn't know about yesterday afternoon," said Kowalaski.

Dennis tells Local 6, since the burglary she's planning on joining her neighborhood watch and adding reinforcements to her home.

Three of the four burglaries happened during the morning hours.

In one of the incidents, a neighbor saw a white van backed into the driveway while another small green truck waited across the street on the lookout.

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