Brevard County children of suicide pact parents stay in foster care

Parents not facing criminal charges after suicide pact

ORLANDO, Fla. - A judge has ruled two Brevard County children will stay in Department of Children and Families workers care  after their parents made a suicide pact and took them across the country, sparking a nationwide search for them for their safety.

The girls, Trieu "Kiah" Co Firth, 2, and Chieu "Kristin" Quan Firth, 4, were flown into Orlando International Airport overnight.

Melbourne police say James and Mai Firth threatened to kill themselves and their two daughters because their 4-year-old needed treatment for autism and the family was running out of money.

"We have to know that they are OK," said DCF's Carrie Hoeppner. "So in those situations what we request is called a take in to custody order."

DCF found the two children in California.

Police said the parents are not facing criminal charges. DCF will continue a child abuse investigation that began after an FIT staffer reported the alleged suicide threats.

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