Brevard County School Board member calls 911 during Common Core forum

Political foe plays member's call during meeting

By Justin Warmoth - Anchor

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Brevard County School Board member Amy Kneessy called 911 two weeks ago because folks were getting too heated during a district-sponsored Common Core State Standards forum. 

She said during the 911 call, "I'm a school board member, we're at a meeting and we're having some difficulties with some of our attendants. We need an officer present." 

The call resurfaced Tuesday night when 2014 school board candidate, Dean Paterakis, played it on his cell phone during public comment at a Brevard County School Board meeting. 

Common Core State Standards have been a popular topic for heated discussions between parents and educators across the country. 

Brevard County School's spokeswoman Michelle Irwin says that the district hosted the meeting to help folks better understand how the school system is implementing the new testing method.

"We did have a few people that felt very passionately about their beliefs and it really is an individuals determination to determine when they feel like they need some extra support," said Irwin.

At the end of the recording, Paterakis said he was going to ask Kneessy, who walked out of the meeting, why she was trying to stop citizens that were expressing concern for Common Core. 

"It's okay to share those passions, we just need to do it in a way that benefits everybody," said Irwin.

Irwin says that security is always at the school board meetings, but since this was an open forum, she didn't feel as if an officer was needed. 

Local 6 reached out to Paterakis, but was unable to get a response.

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