Burglar breaks into Orlando store through grease trap

Robber tells deputy "I'm stuck and I have to take a poop"

ORLANDO, Fla. - A burglar trapped himself in an Orlando store after breaking in through a grease trap, according to Orange County Sheriff's Deputies.

Deputies say Chad Winslow, 34, broke into Sam's Discount Food Store, located at 2662 Apopka Boulevard, through the roof early Saturday morning.

Winslow slid down a grease trap, but deputies said it was too slippery for him to climb back out.

Deputies said Winslow tried squeezing through a window that's covered with steel bars.

Winslow only made it halfway, when Deputy Kent Matherne showed up, checking on motion alarms that were set off during the burglary.

"When I challenged him, I said, 'Don't move, Orange County Sheriff's Office,' and he's like, 'I'm stuck and I have to take a poop,'" he said.

Matherne pulled Winslow out of the window and cuffed him.

Winslow left a trail of grease through the store, but when deputies checked his pockets, they said they found a stolen ham sandwich.

Winslow has been charged with burglary of a structure, criminal mischief and theft.

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