Burglar steals $500 in sex toys from woman's trunk

Victim says items meant for bachelorette party

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PORTLAND, Ore. - A car burglary left an Oregon woman with an embarrassing story to tell police.

The burglars, who struck several cars, stole a trunk full of sex toys from the victim, according to police in a town near Portland.

Chelsey Coutts made the discovery Wednesday morning.

"I can't believe it," Coutts said. "I'm still in shock."

Coutts said she had collected about $500 worth the items for a bachelorette party.

"I've been storing it in my trunk because I have two little (children)," Coutts said.  "(I) didn't want them to see all the dirty things in there."

Friends of Coutts posted the news of the burglary on Facebook and received donations to replace some of the items lost.

"It broke my heart," said Haleigh Kirby, the bride-to-be. "I don't even know what they could use it for."

Police won't say how the other cars were broken into, but Coutts says she actually left her car unlocked.

"Oh, it was horrible," Coutts laughed. "(The officer) asked me to describe everything in detail."

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