Burglars stole 10 snakes, 2 lizards from Casselberry Pet Bazaar, police say

Surveillance video shows men breaking into store, stealing pets, electronics

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

CASSELBERRY, Fla. - A pet store owner says 10 snakes and two lizards are missing after two men burglarized his store late Friday night.

Shane Hill, owner of Pet Bazaar in Casselberry, says he has surveillance video that shows two men breaking in through a side window shortly before midnight. The video shows the men combing the store for about 15 minutes and stuffing the snakes and lizards into a large bin.

The list of items stolen include two adult Bearded Dragons, a green male Ghost Ball Python, a Motely Boa, two Spider Ball Pythons, three Striped Kenyan San Boas, a baby Hypo Columbian Boa, a Red Blood Python and a Lesser Ball Python.

Hill says the men also ripped his 46-inch flat screen television off of the wall and stole his laptop computer.

"I'm mad," Hill said. "I feel victimized. I'm a small business, and I don't know why someone would choose me to do this to."

Hill says the snakes that were stolen can sell for hundreds of dollars, and he thinks the men may try to sell them.

He believes the men may keep the lizards as pets.

If you have any information about his crime, call the Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS.

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