Car dealership facade collapses in Orange County

No injuries reported, Orange County Fire Rescue says

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County Fire Rescue is investigating after the facade of a car dealership collapsed Thursday afternoon.

Fire Rescue officials said the front of the Massey Cadillac dealership collapsed on South Orange Blossom Trail around 5:45 p.m.

Eighteen employees and one customer were inside the building at the time; they told first responders everyone made it out without a scratch.

"We actually went through and reconfirmed with everyone because we found it to be a little unbelievable ourselves," said John Mulhall, spokesman for Orange County Fire Rescue, while discussing the damage with Local 6.

Firefighters believe wind caused the building to cave in. Local 6's Chief Meteorologist Tom Sorrells said wind gusts in the area did not exceed 55 mph during the thunderstorm.

"The building inspector, the fire inspector have been in there. We've made sure power has been cut to the building, water has been cut to the building, to make the situation as safe as possible," said Mulhall.

The fire department said it's also been in contact with CSX because there is a railroad track beside the dealership. The track is clear but there is concern the building may collapse even more.

"It was really raining, and a lot of lightning going on and a little bit of wind so it could be a multitude of things, but it was windy and it was storming," said Robert Jackson, who saw the building collapse.

Jackson said he was driving on S. Orange Blossom Trail, saw several bolts of lightning, looked over and saw the building cave in.

"It's amazing to me and I looked at it and first saw it and I say, well what happened to that? And I'm thinking to myself, you know something may have hit it or something collapsed," said Jackson.

The fire department turned the building over to the dealership owner and said a building inspector and engineers will further look into how the incident happened.

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