Cash and gift cards stolen from UCF students' mail

University and Postal Service now trying to find out who's behind it

By Kristin Giannas, John Ambrogne - Executive Producer

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The University Of Central Florida is trying to figure out who is stealing from students' mail.

Students say they started noticing letters were being delivered to them already opened. UCF says a total of 19 open letters have been discovered and six students reported cash and gift cards had been taken.

It's believed the thefts are happening at a distribution center. The Postal Service delivers the mail to the center on the main campus. The mail is then sorted and sent out to various parts of the campus.

UCF officials tell Local 6 they're working with the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General to try and find whoever is behind the thefts.

Tampering with mail is a federal offense.

On Tuesday, agents with the US Postal Service Office of the Inspector General say their focus is not on UCF employees.

The post office handles the mail first, according to university officials. It's then delivered to the campus distribution center where it's sorted and then driven to mailboxes across campus.

Lauren Olevitch, a freshmen, is uneasy about getting mail at her dorm.

"I don't even want my mom to send me stuff anymore, I'd rather just go home and get it, that's sketchy," she said.

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