Cause Of Death Unknown For Infant Found In Cooler

7-Month-Old's Baby Sitter Charged With Child Neglect

TITUSVILLE, Fla. - A baby sitter who admitted to putting a dead infant in a cooler now faces charges in the case, police say.


Titusville police said the body of Ja-Veon Brushan was found around noon in the back yard of a home in the 500 block of South Deleon Avenue. The autopsy was completed Tuesday, but the cause of death cannot be determined until toxicology test results are returned.

Police said the infant was found based on interviews with the boy's baby sitter, Carolyn Miller, who has been named as a suspect. Miller's boyfriend lives at the home and she frequently stays there, police said.

Police said Miller told them that several days ago, she fell asleep, and when she awoke, Ja-Veon was dead. Police said she told them she put his body in a small container and placed it outside. Police said they believe the infant died on Thursday or Friday.

Miller was arrested and charged with child neglect and improper disposal of human remains.

At her first appearance on Tuesday, a judge issued a bond of $100,000 on the neglect charge and $50,000 on the improper disposal of human remains charge. Miller declared indigency and has been appointed a public defender.

The baby's mother, Janelle Richardson, 21, said she left Ja-Veon with Miller on Thursday.

The pair was reported missing Sunday by the child's mother after she was unable to reach the baby sitter by phone, police said.

Miller was found around 10 a.m. Monday at the Gibson's Apartments. Police said when they first asked Miller about Ja-Veon, she denied knowing anything, but then admitted what happened.

Miller's sister, Lisa Madden, said her sister loved Ja-Veon like her own son.

"I don't know what my sister was going through. I don't even know if she did it," Madden said.

Richardson said Miller stopped by Thursday to pick up diapers and milk, but she did not have Ja-Veon, telling Richardson she left the infant with her boyfriend.

Over the weekend, Richardson's attempts to reach Miller were unsuccessful, so she called police.

Richardson told Titusville investigators it isn't unusual for the baby sitter to watch the infant for days at a time. She told Local 6 she did not call police until Sunday because Miller has never gone missing before.

The Department of Children and families said they have a history of involvement with Miller regarding her own children, as well as with Richardson regarding another child who lives with relatives. Agents are working with police to determine the safety of Miller's child.

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