Central Fla. dad attacked by wasps out of hospital

David Alvarez released from hospital after attack in Altamonte Springs

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - A central Florida man stung by hundreds of wasps was released from the hospital Wednesday.

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A smiling David Alvarez held his baby girl with his son by his side. The scars on his arms and legs are a reminder of what he survived.

"This is the happiest day of my life. Really it is, I'm so excited to get him back home," said Damaris Mercado, Alvarez's mother.

She said her son had an allergic reaction to the yellow jacket stings. His body went into shock, causing his lungs to collapse.

After two weeks in intensive care at Florida Hospital in Altamonte, Alvarez was sent home.

"He's walking and he's talking, he's back to almost normal, you know, seeing him there in the bed for so long, it was a little scary," said Mercado.

Alvarez's 7-year-old son, Jordan, was also stung hundreds of times when they walked through the yellow jacket nest near the Little Wekiva River.

The nest has since been removed and Jordan has been patiently waiting for his hero to get better.

"My dad walked in those woods all the time, and he used to go swimming with his brother and make forts," Jordan said.

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