Central Florida Catholics celebrate new pope

Jorge Mario Bergoglio adopts the name Francis

ORLANDO, Fla. - Central Florida residents are reacting to the news of a new pope being chosen on Wednesday afternoon, as the diocese puts up a white and gold bunting around the doors and on the cathedral in celebration.

Pope Francis I, the first non-European pontiff of the modern era, revealed himself to the world from a balcony at the Vatican on Wednesday.

"We offer praise and thanksgiving to God and for the intervention of the Holy Spirit with the Cardinals as they deliberated on the election of the Holy Father," Bishop John Noonan of Orlando. "With the entire Church, the Diocese of Orlando is joyous at the election of Pope Francis."

Jorge Bergogolio, who served as archbishop of Buenos Aires was elected by cardinals in the fifth round of voting on the second day of the conclave.

Many Catholics say they're excited over the election of Pope Francis and that he is what the faith needs to bring the youth back in the church.

"As far as what I hope to see, just a continuing growing of the church, maybe reaching out to a lot of different people, or what have you, that haven't been touched in the past," said Drew Bolger.

Father Jorge Torres, director of vocations at the diocese said he noticed how comfortable and freely Pope Francis addressed the crowd.

"He seeks to make it a part of our gospel message- that we need to take care of the poor, we need to take care of the disenfranchised, people in prison, the homeless," said Torres.

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