Central Florida drivers not moving over despite 'Move-Over Law'

Local 6 rides along with Road Ranger

By Erik von Ancken - Anchor/Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Local 6 rode along with Road Rangers on Thursday and found that cars, trucks and tractor-trailers are not moving over for the rangers, despite Florida law.

The Move Over Law, enacted by the Florida legislature July 1, 2002, requires drivers to move over or, if they cannot, slow to 20 mph below the posted speed limit.

Troopers tell Local 6 they wrote 1,142 tickets statewide in January to Move-Over-Law violators.

Road Ranger Scott Dodson estimates 3 out 4 cars, trucks and even tractor-trailers do not move overĀ  one lane when emergency vehicles are stopped on the side on the highway.

"I've had to drop gas cans and run around the car," said Dodson. "I've had to stand up and get to the other side of the vehicle because they were coming over the white line."

Five Road Rangers in the past 5 months have survived crashes caused by drivers who didn't move over.

"That one instance where they look away from the highway, they could come off the side of the road, and take us out completely. It's a problem we have every single day," said Dodson. "My girl does not like me going out here, she really doesn't. Every day she hates me being out here because she knows it can end just like that, that fast."

"It's very difficult for me to explain what it would be like for you to be in your office and a semi to go by and not move over and he's within a foot. I would think most people would be absolutely petrified," said Dodson.

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