Central Florida reflects on President Obama's visit

Obama visits local eateries in Dr. Phillips, Cocoa

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Central Floridians are still talking about President Obama's weekend visit, which included two stops at popular eateries in between campaign speeches.

The president made a stop first at Gator's Dockside in Dr. Phillips after wrapping up a speech at the Kissimmee Civic Center. Management at the sports bar said the stop was unannounced, the only hint coming from Secret Service only 20 minutes before the visit.

"It was crazy in a very exciting way. To have the American president choose your restaurant out of 6,000 in Orlando. That's very exciting," said Sandra Clark, director of operations for Gator's Dockside.

Clark said the president took pictures and signed autographs, visiting almost every table in the busy restaurant.

He ordered a beer, which he sipped on while talking to customers and staff. According to Clark, Obama paid for the beer and even bought some for other patrons.

Staff at Gator's Dockside said politics aside, it was a treat to host the president.

"He even did the Seminole chop with some tables and of course he did the Gator chomp with others, so that was pretty cool to see the president do that," Clark said.

News of the visit even made its rounds in the national media after Obama asked a young boy who was born in Hawaii if he had his birth certificate. The comment made light of repeated comments surrounding Obama's citizenship.

In Cocoa on Sunday Obama made another surprise stop at Ossorio, a bakery and cafe. Workers even saved the Obama's orange half-empty orange juice as a token of the trip.

Chef James Charland said the Secret Service hovered as he prepared the president a cheese omelet with a side of bacon.

Wrapping up his two-day Sunshine State tour, the president also caused a stir at a Ft. Pierce pizza parlor, where the owner was so excited he lifted Obama in a bear hug.

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