Central Florida security camera business sees sales boom

Security cameras become more common in police, private use

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Central Florida security camera business has seen a boom in business in the last few years, both in private and public places.

Chad Casassa and Shannon Runion opened Security Pro of Florida four years ago and they said they've seen the use of cameras explode, not only in homes and businesses but also on public streets.

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"The cost is coming down, and the quality is going up," Casassa said. "And what that does is opens up our target market."

Orlando police have 138 cameras scattered throughout the city with more on the way. Police said in the last year the cameras were used in nearly 800 criminal investigations, leading to more than 100 arrests.

Likewise, many residents are installing cameras outside their homes hoping to catch suspicious people in their neighborhoods, just as the the cameras in the Boston Marathon bombings did.

"I'm sure when they did install that video surveillance system, they weren't planning on catching something like this," Casassa said.

When surveillance video of the Boston bombing suspects was initially released on the FBI's website on Thursday, more than 300,000 people viewed it per second.  Law enforcement has credited security cameras with helping them identify the suspects within hours.

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